Veterinary Services

Heritage Animal Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services for our patients. Just a few of our wellness and preventive care services are listed below. For more information on these or other services, please call 720-870-8387.

Dental Care

Dental hygiene is just as important to our pet’s health as it is to our own. Dental disease can lead to more serious issues, such as pain in the mouth, heart disease, and kidney disease. Sometimes bad breath can be a way of letting you know your pet may have some underlying issues. Let us help you resolve them today!

At Heritage Animal Hospital, we prefer to be proactive in dental hygiene. Using thorough visual examinations of the teeth and gums, we can quickly determine the overall health of your pet’s mouth. We hope to catch periodontal disease early, before it becomes an issue.

Although regular brushing at home can help keep tartar and gingivitis in check, sometimes a more extensive cleaning and oral radiographs are necessary to ensure a healthy mouth and healthy life for your pet.


Radiology ( X-rays )

Sometimes it is necessary to take a closer look at your pet through x rays. Radiology help us determine and/or verify any underlying issues. X-Rays are a reliable, safe method for discovering possible issues with your pet. Using the latest in radiography, we can get the clearest view of your pet’s organs and bones.


Our advances in human medicine have created technology that is beneficial for our pets. Like x-rays, Ultrasounds are one advancement that allows us to further examine a pet’s condition to diagnose and determine the correct form of action for your pet. Ultrasonography is a diagnostic method that uses ultrasound imaging to safely evaluate the organs of your pet in a non-invasive, comfortable manner. In some cases, ultrasound is the best method to diagnose an issue.


Heritage Animal Hospital maintains a full service laboratory where we can perform everything from basic tests like fecals, heartworm tests, urinalysis and cytology evaluations. In addition, we can also run more in-depth diagnostics such as CBC, Chemistry profiles, Electrolytes, Thyroid testing and Cortisol levels. In most cases, we will have the results within 20 – 30 minutes.

Pain Management

At Heritage Animal Hospital, we focus on the whole picture, from medical issues that affect the patient’s physical health, to the psychological issues that affect the quality of life your pet is experiencing. Pain can affect proper function of the body and have a detrimental effects on a patient’s quality of life. Pain Management is a primary consideration when treating a pet for certain medical conditions. Whether routine procedures or medical treatments of chronically painful conditions, we are dedicated to providing safe and effective pain management. We also help you recognize signs of pain in your pet and help establish a pain management plan.

Parasite Prevention

Parasites are mostly viewed as a nuisance. Unfortunately they can carry deadly diseases. We believe prevention is key to avoiding side effects or underlying symptoms. Thankfully, it is very easy to be proactive against most parasites, including Heartworm. Through the use of monthly preventative products, most intestinal parasites that dogs can encounter on a daily basis can be eliminated, in addition to protecting them from heartworms. Our preferred brands are listed below and typically consist of a chewable pill, or tablet. Pesky fleas and ticks can also be avoided by using a monthly topical solution or a monthly chewable tablet. Being proactive is key to to avoiding the dangers of parasites.

Puppy & Kitten Care

At Heritage Animal Hospital, we offer extensive and affordable puppy/kitten care to ensure your pet starts off on the right foot. Through comprehensive exams and great medical care, we provide a healthy, happy start to your pet’s life. At an affordable price, our services cover everything from the spay/neuter to the full series of vaccinations to get them through their first year safely. We pride ourselves in the value and quality of our kitten and puppy care, but mostly enjoy watching them grow!


We use the latest technology and methods to make our surgical operations as safe and easy as possible. Your pet’s health and comfort are important to us, as we use comprehensive precautions before performing even the most routine procedures. We understand that surgery can be a scary process for our clients as much as our patients. At Heritage Animal Hospital we ensure the safest methods, medicines, and technologies are a part of our surgeries. We also engage Dr. Stubbs of Mile High Veterinary Surgical Specialists. He is an amazing surgeon, specializing in TPLO and Excap procedures. Check out his website by clicking HERE.


Vaccines are an excellent way to keep our pets protected from infectious disease before they strike. Vaccinations can help prevent/prepare our pets for common diseases. By protecting our pets from these illnesses, we can have peace-of-mind when taking our dogs out to the dog park or letting our cats venture outside. Cats also benefit from certain vaccinations, whether they are indoor or outdoor cats. Protecting against diseases like Leptospirosis, Distemper, Bordetella, Parvo virus, and Rabies is imperative in ensuring your dog has a healthy lifestyle and you can be more confident when you are with your pet(s). It is also recommended you keep your cat vaccinated against Feline Leukemia, Rabies, Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (Feline Herpes Virus), and Feline Parvo.

Wellness Exams

Regular examinations keep us on top of pre-existing conditions and catching possible issues before they become a serious problem. Our comprehensive exams give you a detailed evaluation of your pet’s health. We provide you with the information you need to give your pet a happy, healthy life. Your pet’s health and quality of life are of the utmost important to us. We recommend annual examinations to ensure your pet lives a long, full life. If you are concerned there is a possible issue with your pet or are simply getting a regular checkup, we look forward to providing personal, professional attention.

Give us a call and schedule a wellness exam today! The first exam for all new patients is 50% off! 720-870-8387